Welcome on our homepage from the rottweiler kennel the laarbeek hoeve.

What can you aspect (in the future) on our site, first natural, information about our kennel, then you can find information above our rottweilers, pedigree's, picturegallery, puppies, and when we aspect puppies.

Also when you are looking for a stud dog you can find information on our site.

We breed more then 27 years dogs and more then 15 years rottweilers. Our breed program focusses specific on german bloodlines.

In our breeding we use very often german top stud dogs to improve the rotties in the netherlands.We also go to national and international dogshows whit our dogs.This is our biggest hobby.

We also have already dogs abroad. Just have a look e.g. at our Australian laarbeek hoeve rottweiler, Falco Australian laarbeek hoeve rottweiler.

The dogs live with us in the country side, the get contact with our animals: chicken, goats, deers and horses. We breed on health, character and beauty.All dogs are x-rayed on hips and only the very best (with at minimum the qualification A(-) or B(tc) are used in our breeding program.

Futhermore the dogs need to have a very social character.All dogs have a Dutch pedigree(raad van beheer in amsterdam) which is a FCI pedigree.

This pedigree is therefore valid all around the world.For the true rottie lovers we sometimes have puppies.All puppies are with a bobbed(short tail) please contact us for more information.

This site is still under construction, we hope to finish it in a little wile. So pleasse come again!!!